Pork Waffle

Persone: 20 Waffles • Difficoltà: 4 su 5


  • 500 g pork rind
  • 50 g spicy red pepper spread
  • 50 g artichoke spread
  • 60 g mascarpone
  • 30 g dried figs
  • 40 g bacon


Boil the rind for about 2 hours, until soft. Drain and let it cool. Remove excess fat and cut it into 2 cm squares. Then put in the dryer at 65°C for at least 8/10 hours. Fry in peanut oil at 180°C.

Thinly slice the bacon and crisp it in the microwave. Blend finely and pass through a fine sieve.

In two separate bowls, mix the two creams each with 30 g of mascarpone and 15 g of chopped dried figs; with the pastry bag put a cone of cream on each pork waffle. Season with the bacon powder.

To serve them crunchy, prepare them at the very last moment, and serve very hot.