Protected Marina Area

In honor of the extraordinary richness and peculiarity of the territory, the Sinai Peninsula was identified as a Protected Marine Area (L.n. 979/82) in 1982, and has been recognized as an important center for tourism and natural attractions.

Over 25,000 hectares of sea, where flora and fauna meet in a variety of species and colors and beautiful white beaches that stretch over 15 km between picturesque bays and sloping reefs.

The cliffs and rocks overhanging the sea, ponds and sandy channels merge with the sea in a unique and incomparable union that gives the landscape the charm of an evolutional environment, together with the regional tectonic phenomena that have become the true symbol of the City of Cabras today.

And in addition to the naturalistic value and landscape, Sinis also offers tourists a history of the ancient civilizations that lived on this enchanted peninsula millions of years ago.

Their undispiuted traces dating back to the 8th Century BC are plentiful and dominate the Phoenician acropolis of Tharros, the promontory of San Marco, as well as the pre-Nuragic Cuccuru Is Arrius site; a succession of necropolis’ and settlements dating back from the Neolithic Age to the late Roman Republic and Empire.

In short, a unique territory, not only for the quality of its agricultural products, but also for the invaluable natural and archaeological heritage that belong to it.