Sinis Penisula

The Sa Marigosa Company operates in the Sinis Peninsula, overlooking the Cabras pond and the Gulf of Oristano, in the beautiful Sardinian sea. The sea and the warm island sun have a strong influence on the characteristics of the soil, which is well structured, and together with innovative cultivation techniques, have favored the cultivation of melons, watermelons and high quality artichokes, an important development factor for the local economy.

This has led to the increase in cultivated areas and the high specialization of local producers, reaching an area of about 500 hectares that produces watermelons, melons and artichokes, with a turnover of around 4.5 million euro.

The unique features of this territory from a historical and naturalistic point of view, are now protected and enhanced in the Sinis Protected Marine Area (AMP), an important recognition, desired by the European Union, which is the symbol of this beautiful glimpse of Sardinia’s western center.

The Sa Marigosa O.P. is situated just 50 meters from the Archaeological Site of Mont’e Prama, where, in the mid-70s the Giants were discovered. Stone sculptures that date back to the VII and IX centuries BC and today interest archaeologists from all over the world.

It is in this picturesque area that the OP cultivates its products, and the very deep bond with the territory and the love for the quality of its produce are the base of this long journey of tradition, innovation and authenticity.