Our Roots

Sa Marigosa was founded in 1986 as an agricultural youth company, whose core business is delivering the best quality of fruit and vegetables through the careful control of all stages of the production chain. The love for the products of the Sinis is the key ingredient of crops which has allowed this small company to become today the most important organization of melon producers, watermelon and artichokes in Sardinia, with high production of different cultivars among which, Artichoke Spinoso di Sardegna DOPIn 2008 with the start-up of the Organization of Manufacturers Sa Marigosa Consortium, the conditioning and commercialization activities it is developed that takes place, as well as at regional level, mass merchandising in the center and north of Italy.  


  • Competence, Professionalism and Experience
  • Territory
  • Tracking and tracing systems
  • Marketing
  • Environment protection
    For the consolidation of our controlled supply chain, which guarantees high-quality production and health, are key people who, for over 30 years, work and collaborate in synergy between them and the producers. Research in conjunction with the competence, professionalism and experience of our staff, represents the real added value of the OP Sa Marigosa. The agricultural system that adopts the company is that of Integrated Production, which allows to minimize the use of agrochemicals. These strict production regulations governing the ” Quality Management System ” that: It provides a range of products with high purity and wholesomeness characteristics It promotes cultivation techniques that respect the environment and human health Applies tracking and tracing systems