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  • € 22,90 In Stock

    Obtained from delicious Sinis artichokes, accurately selected and farmed according to strict regulations, this high-quality flavoured artichoke hearts with the authentic artichoke taste are processed adding a delicate spice mix. They can be served as a starter or to prepare first courses and original happy hour canapés.

    € 22,90
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    Artichokes farmed in the Sinis fields respecting strict regulations and processed with their stem; an exquisite part of the plant particularly sweet and crunchy. They are processed raw and prepared with a delicate spice mix. They are mainly served as starter or to create original first courses and delicious canapés.

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    € 23,90
  • € 26,90 In Stock

    A unique, original product of the Sardinian tradition, our cardoons come from cutting the spiny arichoke plant before blossoming. They are a delicious starter to accompany red and white meat dishes and the ideal product to prepare first courses like pasta dishes or rice salads.

    € 26,90
  • € 27,50 In Stock

    Tomatoes farmed in the Sardinian sun-kissed fields with their sweet, intense taste. They are slightly spicy to exalt their taste and can be served as a traditional Italian starter.

    € 27,50
  • € 28,90 In Stock

    Delicious, fleshy Sardinian mushrooms, masterfully processed to create an authentic taste and exalt their natural flavour. They can be served as a typical Sardinian starter or to prepare canapés and savoury pies.

    € 28,90
  • € 38,50 In Stock

    Slightly spicy chilli peppers filled with a traditional spread combining marine and earthly flavours: the Sardinian artichoke with the smoked mullet from the Lagoon of Cabras. A mix of flavours with a really unique taste.

    € 38,50
  • € 39,00 In Stock
Showing 25 - 31 of 31 items