• Stuffed Peppers

    Stuffed peppers

    Our Peppers with an original and unique recipe on the market, are filled with the tasty Artichoke from our fields near the sea and the Smoked Mullet from the Cabras Pond, two excellences of the Sardinian territory.  

  • Ricette di Sardegna

    Ricette di Sardegna

    Our line that offers special recipes for your special dishes!

  • Artichoke cream Dop

    Artichoke cream
    width "Spinoso di Sardegna D.O.P Artichoke"

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  • € 16,90 Out of stock

    Delicious Sardinian aubergines, masterfully processed to create the typical grandmother’s aubergines. A simple, delicate spice mix exalt them to obtain a tasty, captivating flavour. They can be served as a starter or to prepare canapés and savoury pies.

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    € 16,90
  • € 16,90 Out of stock

    Obtained from delicate, crunchy Sardinian courgettes, they are named after our grandmother’s home-made traditional recipe. Garlic and parsley exalt them to gain a special taste and consistency. They are ideal to be served as a starter or to prepare original canapés and savoury pies.

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    € 16,90
  • € 16,90 Out of stock

    Red and Yellow peppers have a special taste made unique by a delicate bittersweet flavour. They can be served as an ideal starter, as a snack during your happy hours or to accompany and add flavour to fish or meat dishes.

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    € 16,90
  • € 20,90 In Stock

    Obtained from delicious Sinis artichokes, accurately selected and farmed according to strict regulations, this high-quality artichoke slices from DOP Sardinian spiny artichoke can be served as a starter or to prepare first courses and original happy hour canapés.

    € 20,90
  • € 3,90 In Stock

    Fleshy yellow peppers are farmed in the sun-kissed Sardinian fields and processed to obtain a deep, captivating taste with a slight bittersweet flavour. This yellow pepper spread is ideal to prepare first courses, fish or meat second courses, happy hour snacks, original canapés and savoury pies Prova la nostra ricetta: Camicia d'uovo con spuma di peperoni...

    € 3,90
  • € 9,50 Out of stock

    Cardoon spread is a unique product in the food market. Our cardoons come from cutting the spiny artichoke plant before blossoming and are processed raw to obtain an original, delicate taste. It is ideal to prepare savoury pies, toast and first courses.

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    € 9,50
  • € 3,80 In Stock

    Obtained from an accurate selection of Sardinian black olives, this spreadable delicacy has a strong taste and it is ideal to cook pasta dishes and prepare exquisite happy hour snacks and canapés.

    € 3,80
  • € 3,80 In Stock

    Obtained from tomatoes farmed in the Sardinian sun-kissed fields with their sweet, intense taste, this delicacy is ideal to spread on toast and create original canapés and savoury pies. It is also recommended for pizza and first or second meat courses.

    € 3,80

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