SISINI Nuragus di Cagliari DOC ORGANIC 2022- cl75

The term Sìsini, in the Sardinian language, indicates the swan. This name well represents the elegance of this wine obtained in purity from Nuragus grapes grown in our vineyards located in the Cagliari area. It was with this ancient vine that the wine experience of "Evaristiano" began in the twenties. Sapid and enveloping, of indisputable charm and freshness, Sìsini is the expression of the Mediterranean character typical of the place where it is born.

€ 11,90


  • Grape Variety: Nuragus
  • Vineyard: About 2 Hectares With A 2.50 X 0.80 M Planting System And Guyot Training System.
  • Alcoholic Degree: 12% Vol

storage between 6 and 18 ° C
Serving temperature: 8/10 ° C
Pairings: It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, it goes well with appetizers and fish first courses. Excellent paired with raw seafood.

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