Flora Monica sardinian DOC 2023 - cl75 ORGANIC

A dark, dense wine with an impenetrable color, continuing on the nose. Notes of cassis, wild blackberries and Mediterranean scrub and ending on the palate in an explosion of smokiness, black peppercorns and chinotto peel. Excellent, juicy drinkability. Pairings: Exceptional with cured meats and cheeses, pasta dishes and roasted red meats. Also excellent as a meditation wine.

€ 15,90


  • Isola Dei Nuraghi IGT BIO
  • Grapes: Bovale
  • Alcoholic Degree: 14.5% Vol

storage between 6 and 18 ° C
Serving temperature: 16/18 ° C
Pairings: Ideal with savory first courses such as stuffed ravioli, not too fatty meats, even grilled and with medium or long aged cheeses.

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