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- 4 vegetable spread130g:
Artichoke spread from “DOP Sardinian spiny Artichoke”, Cadoon spread, Spicy Red pepper spread,

Bittersweet yellow pepper spread.

- 4 oil-preserved vegetables 280g: Artichoke hearts from “DOP Sardinian spiny artichoke”, Preserved Cauliflower,
preserved Cadoons, Preserved,
Bittersweet yellow and red peppers.
Extravirgin olive oil 0.250 lt, Tomato purèe 0.250 lt,Rise Ermes Ferrari 500g, Carasau bread Sa Marigosa 250g, 
Guttiau bread Sa Marigosa 250g.
Pasta: Linguine n.7 500g, Fregola n.45 500g, Mezze penne rigate 500g.
Wines: Sisini Nuragus di Cagliari DOC Biologico 75 cl,
Capo Mannu Isola dei Nuraghi Bovale IGT 2020 75 cl

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Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto.

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